The Golden Circle, a full Spectrum of Care


Leadership Team

Administrator: Nay Reed
DON: Latosha Sanders, RN
Social Services: Rosemary Vail, LSW
Nurse Practitioner: Brandy Smith, FNP
Dietician: Becky Hill, RD
Activity Director: Beverly Lawson-Wilson
Housekeeping: Maxcine White
Laundry: Sandra Goss
Maintenance: James Jyles
Human Resources: Alfredia Taylor
Health Information: Judy McGinnis
Business Office Manager:

Bobbie Methvin

Care Team Managers:

Carole Upchurch, RN, Yellow Wing

Patsy Pruett, RN, Blue Wing

Tynisha Stansberry, RN, Orange Wing


Rehabilitation Team includes Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy.

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Occupational Therapy
Assists individuals to recapture the ability to perform basic functions of daily living such as eating, bathing, and dressing.

Speech Therapy
Assists individuals in the area of speech and language skills, swallowing, memory and cognition who have suffered brain trauma, such as a stroke or injury, to re-train the muscles in the mouth and throat so they can speak and eat properly.

Physical Therapy
Assists individuals with restoring joint motion, muscle strength, coordination and endurance.

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